5 Secrets About Choosing The Best Salon for You

spa services

Festivals and events are the prime time when people plan for a change in their look. Everyone rush to the beauty salon in Kandivali and often returns frustrated with their new zombie look. Got scared? Relax, here we’ll tell you some secrets about choosing the right salon for you.

Quality Comes with Price

You get what you pay for. Roadside parlors with attractive package are good for routine care; not for trying something new. Skilled and experienced beauticians are precious and best beauty salons hire them by offering good amount of remuneration. You can’t expect superb service and cheaper package simultaneously.

Hygiene Matters

It’s not only that you would have to wait for hours like herd, but also have to compromise with your hygiene. Salons work directly with your skin and hair and it’s highly necessary to maintain good care of your hygiene. Otherwise you may end up with some skin allergy, rash, dandruff or lice, if not blood contaminated diseases like HIV from the cut wound transmitted during a shaving. It’s really very unsafe that in cheaper salons and parlors beauticians hardly wash their hands and tools after they are done with a customer.

Less Scope to Evaluate Ultimate Result

Cheaper beauty spa salon in Kandivali starts hair stylizing either as you sit on the chair or seldom by washing your hair and soaking the water using a dirty towel. They don’t have enough time to clean your hair thoroughly and dry it for a better result. Ultimately when they finish off, you can’t know if it’s okay as the hair is still wet. You return home, let your hair dry and end up with a lot of dissatisfaction.

High Package Doesn’t Mean Best Look

Of course, you have selected a higher package to get a gorgeous and trendy look. But, if you don’t share your choice, preference, taste they won’t be able to satisfy you completely. Discuss whatever you do prefer; you can name some actor/actress in reference; you can describe your profession; you can describe your lifestyle. The more information you give the better outcome you can expect.

In some top bridal makeup salons in Kandivali offer virtual design through computer before they start their actual process. Here they take a snap of your face and do the hairdressing on-screen. It gives you a better view of your ultimate look and you can save your mane by uttering ‘oh no!’ before it’s too late.

Be Careful! I’m Sensitive

Beauty products are mostly made up of chemicals; although herbal products are also available. If your skin is sensitive to a particular type of chemical, don’t hesitate to say it. Even if you aren’t sure that it’s due to the chemical substance or the wrong procedure, say it clearly.

They will do a patch test before applying it thoroughly. They may also ask you to go for herbal products. Generally it costs a few bucks more, but it’s a good decision. Most of the skin and spa treatment providers in Kandivali offer both type of products and have good experience about different types of skin and hair.

There are several other facts that one needs to know; however in most of the cases if you keep these points in mind, you can be confident that this time you’ll hear the ‘wow!’ from your circle. So, don’t wait for the next festive – set an appointment today. And don’t forget to share your experience.


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